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DSST: Cedar

About Cedar

DSST: CEDAR is a welcoming community where all people are known and valued. Students have the opportunity to explore their identities academically, personally, and socially. Together, we work to cultivate relationships and support each other to be our best. Our graduates have the opportunity to pursue their aspirations and positively impact the world. 

Why Cedar


According to the Colorado Department of Education’s School Performance Framework, we are the #1 High School in DPS. Our DSST graduate college remediation rate of 8% is one of the many reasons why our school is the top choice for parents and students alike. With our commitment to academic excellence and student success, you can trust that your child will receive a first-class education.


Our high school may be smaller than others, but we believe in quality over quantity. Our 17:1 student to staff ratio ensures that our students receive the attention they need to grow and excel academically. Our dedicated teachers work closely with each student to provide personalized support and guidance. (Be a big fish in a small pond)


At DSST Cedar High School, we are proud to have achieved a 100% college admission rate for our students. Our commitment to academic excellence extends beyond the classroom, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every student is prepared for the next phase of their education. Our College Success team is dedicated to helping students find the right path for their individual goals and aspirations.

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