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Executive COUNCIL


Class officers


As senior class president, I want to create a welcoming environment for people from different origins and identities, as well as a practical means for students to offer input.




Treasurer - Josh

President - CAMIRA


"This year I was hoping to expand transparency around the budget and spend more of the money allocated"




"I wanted to be in student government because in years past, I got to be a part of student government’s impact on the community. I really wanted to continue creating change by being the person my peers could come to when they needed something within our school to be different. I fully believe that the byers community can always be better, and I wanted peers to be able to see their ideas come to life with my help."

President - Isaiah

Secretary - JOSH


My goal is to create a community that is safe and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and identities.

Vice President - ISAIAH

"In student government I hope to strengthen communication between administration and the student body and create more accessible resources for students to find their interests/clubs at school."




Treasurer - MO



Class officers

With my position as VP, I wish to bring fair opportunity to every single individual that considers themselves to be a falcon. To add on, I'm very open to new ideas so feel free to bring suggestions about the student body to me at any time. Lastly, don't forget to have an amazing day! “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Vice President - Luis


Vice President - Eman

As Secretary of the Junior Class, I will record all student government meetings to organize what we are working on as well as work with the rest of our student government get the student body what we want and make everyone feel good with the school and have their voice heard.

Secretary - Mo


I wanted to be a part of Student Government so that I could contribute to our school's community and provide a voice for students. I'm hoping to use this opportunity to make a change.

Secretary - Abby



President - Issac



Treasurer - Xander


Class officers

As class president, I really hope to increase the joy of students in and out of the classroom! I would love to create sophomore specific events that allow everyone to spend time with their friends and meet new people, as well as creating collaborative study halls. I'm open to hearing any suggestions - just send me an email or find me in the hall!


President - Camilla




Secretary - Gabrielle 




As the class of 2026’s Treasurer, I hope to broaden students’ abilities to use the budget in a way that will actually impact their high school experience. I want these 4 years of high school to be as enjoyable as possible for my peers.

Treasurer - Keira


Vice President -  


Class officers

Ideas are the most powerful weapon.


President - Sumayia


With my role as vice president I step up as a leader in which I will show by making changes for the betterment of our school community

Vice President - Cameron



Secretary - Victoria



Treasurer - Asmaa

Byers Funding Request Form

Please submit this form at least 6 weeks before the event is to take place or the purchase is to be made to ensure that we are able to process your request and give you access to funding. 

Stu Gov Order Request Form

Here at DSST: Byers we prioritize our student body through financial support for our clubs. In an effort to streamline the needs of our growing campus, we have a digital request and approval process.

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