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Come here to access a myriad of resources to support students and families throughout critical stages of the post-secondary search.

The following resources are intended to help students discover and prepare for upcoming courses, programs, and related enrichment opportunities. Be sure to check the weekly corner (emailed every Monday and posted here on the "Weekly Memo" tab) for timely announcements about programs with fast-approaching application deadlines!

Cedar Enrichment/Scholarship Program Inventory

Searching for Programs on Overgrad

Students: you can now start searching for pre-college summer programs and enrichment opportunities through overgrad! Follow the steps below to search for programs of best fit:

  • Log into Overgrad (using their DSST account)

  • Click on the "My Future" drop-down tab and select "My Programs"

  • Click the green "+Add Program" button and choose the "High School" category

  • Scroll through the listed programs to see whether the focus and eligibility criteria are a match! The College & Career Team will add more programs as we learn of exciting opportunities. Families: if you discover any programs on your own, we'd love it if you shared them with us!

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