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Come here for an overview of our Academic Counseling process and timeline, along with essential resources to support your student with planning their four-year high school curriculum.

2023-24 Course Selection Information

A. Pre-Work for Students

*To ensure that you're choosing classes which will help you stay on track with required graduation credits, go through the following steps before proceeding to your course selection process:

  1. My course planner on Overgrad is fully up to date

    • I've listed all high school courses from previous years AND this year (courses I've passed)

  2. I've reviewed this year's Byers Course Catalog to identify differences between each course

  3. I've reviewed the Byers Course Flow Chart to determine which course I am currently on track to take next year (if I pass the current course)

B. Course Registration Process

​*All students will be submitting 2023-24 course requests through their Infinite Campus (IC) student portal. The course request window will be open to students through end of day Friday, April 28. Students and families should work together using the resources linked below to request appropriate courses for next year.

  1. Universal Resources:

  2. Grade-Level Resources

If you have any questions about transcripts, graduation credits/requirements, or course planning for next year, please reach out to Mr. Greif ( or Mr. Whipple (

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