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Clubs listed below may change over the course of the 2023-2024 school year!


Model UN

Roman Barrett & Ms. Hickey

Participate in Colorado MUN circuit by researching world events and roleplaying as the UN.

Meets Thursdays afterschool in room 11!


Newspaper Club
(The Talon Times)

Mrs. Hickey & Aviva Weiser

Our very own Byers Newspaper, The Talon Times ONLINE. Your voice. Your space.  Good Times. Good Friends.

Meets on Fridays in Room 10 from 3:30 to 4:30


Welding club

Enzo Schoen & Mr. Weismiller

Learn the basics of welding and explore a potential profession that could take you to new heights!

Meets Thursdays in the FabLab (room 09) afterschool!


Film Club

Tiggy Agok & Mr. Brudzynski

A place for students to watch movies and learn about the filmmaking process!

Meets Thursdays at lunchin room 10!


speech and Debate

Josh Whitmire & Ms. Strother

For those who are interested in politics, speaking, news, and winning tournaments.

Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool in room 4!


Robotics Club

Tyler Beckman, Rohan Malhotra Mr. Sheperd

A place to put your engineering, programming, or RC driving skills to the test by helping assemble, program, and drive a successful robot to compete in the nation-wide B.E.S.T. robotics competition

Meets Tuesdays and Fridays in the FabLab (room 09) afterschool!


Ping Pong Club

Angelo Libertini, Adrien Smallwood & Mr. Nuss

Come have fun and gain some new skill and experience playing ping pong!

Meets Fridays afterschool in the future center!


Card Game & Theory Club

Kyle Thompson & Ms. Bell

Challenge one another and learn new games to improve your skills and have fun hanging out!

Meets Fridays during lunch in room 208!

newspaper club 2.jpg
newspaper club 1.jpg

Newspaper Club
(The Talon Times)

newspaper club 3.jpg

Archery CLub

Tally Shannon & Ms. Goodwin

Have fun learning and practicing archery in the Gym!

Meets in the Gym Wednesdays afterschool!


Auto Tech Club

Mr. Weismiller

Gain a new understanding of the vehicles used on a daily basis all around the world! As well as other feats of engineering!

Meets in the FabLab (room 09) Mondays afterschool!


Anime Club

Carolina Gutierrez, Maitri Tjhan & Ms. Garner

A club for those who are interested in watching/discussing Anime! No previous anime knowledge needed.

Meets Tuesdays and Fridays during lunch in room 101!


Chess Club

Miguel M & Mr. Baraza

A chess club to learn, play, improve, and have fun!

Meets Mondays afterschool in room 209!

Video Game Club


Andrew Bittner & Mr. Bordonaro

Plays various videogames on multiple consoles and hosts local tournaments.

Meets Mondays afterschool in room 205!

video game club 1.HEIC

Video Game

video game club 2.HEIC

Socially Awkward Social Club


Roachie White & Mr. Lima

A safe space for people to talk through their feelings and learn healthy productive coping mechanisms and make friends!

Meets Fridays afterschool in room N/A!

Rock Climbing Club

rock climbing.png

Ramin & Ms. Morales

Join the rock climbing community and have a fun time learning effective climbing strategies and improving your skill!

Meets Tuesday after school 4:15-5:15 at Movement Backer! Passes are $27 each

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